Roundup: Menu Design

Since I’m essentially a Pinterest addict (it’s for work, I swear!), I thought it’d be fun to do some roundups of amazing design, branding, and random cool stuff I find on there. Here’s the first one: some really gorgeous menu designs.

Poe Covers: Reimagined

It may have been a couple weeks since Halloween, but I’m always game for a good spooky book- and what better horror story writer than Edgar Allen Poe? Combine a set of Poe stories with great design, and I’m sold. I found these “reimagined” (aka redesigned) minimalist Poe book covers by Boston-based designer Ritchie Stewart …

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Get Branded: Fun & Bold Business Cards

Since my rebranding, I’ve been checking out business cards and looking for inspiration all over the place. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you! Sources (clockwise from top left) Otto // Duct Tape and Glitter // Two Arms // Patterned Cards // Baker Associates // Cricket Design Works