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Our clients light up our world! | No Fonts Given Co

A business is nothing without its customers, and the clients I've had the privilege of partnering with here at NFGᶜᵒ take the cake for being the best and brightest (if we do say so myself.) Spanning a variety of industries from writers to personal chefs to photographers to cannabis, NFGᶜᵒ clients/partners have a few things in common:

  • a burning desire to help their people improve their lives or businesses
  • a deep love for what they do and (more often than not) an untraditional approach towards how they do it
  • a "take no prisoners" attitude towards growing their businesses
  • passion for changing the world and making it a better place 
  • an unerring sense of style and creativity, even if they're not in traditionally "creative" fields


Hi! I'm Lindsay Goldner and NFGcois my creative studio for branding and illustrative storytelling. With my furry helper Finn, we currently call Portland, OR our home base of operations. I studied English and American Studies as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and worked in copyediting, beginning my post-college career working with tech startups in content creation and social media strategy/management. In 2011, I transitioned into design full-time and began the first iteration of my business out of a love for everything creative and design-related. Since then, my work has accompanied TEDx talks, 5 published books, SXSW panels, Huffington Post, been sent to the White House twice, and has garnered millions of social media impressions.

I fully believe that our culture needs far more frank, heartfelt discussion around how we screw up as human beings on the regular, particularly with regards to race, gender, and mental health, and those are things that I talk about frequently alongside design and lettering on my social channels. Oh, and cats. And cooking, and Hamilton, and tattoos.

Lindsay and Finn

If you're an agent and I sound like someone you'd like to represent for licensing or spot illustration, I'd love to hear from you!

These days, I'm seeking full-time, in-house opportunities and will consider relocation for the right job/team. Just drop me an email if you want to talk about how we can work together. 



1. Be bold, not italic.

2. do no harm (but take no shit.)

3. make great art for great people

4. embrace your weird.

5. always aim to surprise and delight!

Otherwise known as the "fuck yes or fuck no" principles that guide daily life at NFGco. If it's not a fuck yes, it's a fuck no! (Sorry, mom.)