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Well hello!

I’m Lindsay Goldner, designer, illustrator, and art director, and owner of No Fonts Given. From my home base in Portland, Oregon, I create work that is strategic and sassy, playful and practical. With over a decade of design and business experience, I’ve become known for exciting brand systems, bright color palettes, lively patterns, puns, and infusing a whole lot of heart into everything I do.

Here at No Fonts Given, we specialize in brand identity creation, illustration for digital and physical products, and strategic art direction.  

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Past Work

People Are Talking

Lindsay gets. it. done. Beautifully, strategically, and badass-ly. (Is that a word? It is now.) She has such a wonderful aesthetic and creative vision paired with an incredible warmth, kindness, and understanding about the ups and downs of building a course. She held my hand the whole way and I couldn’t be more grateful. And best of all, she nailed it!

Hillary Weiss, Creative Director

You absolutely hit the nail on the head with our vision and mission. I can’t stress that enough!

Kirby Young, Aikido

If you need any design or branding work, Lindsay should be your first pick! She is not only talented and professional, but so much fun to work with, which made the process a total joy.

Samaria Daniel, Owner at The Sprouting Image

I felt so lucky working with Lindsay, that I always knew whatever she sent over for a “final reveal” was going to be amazing. But even when she sent over her first mood boards, I was like, “This woman gets it.” It was a steady build-up of excitement with each bit of reveal, and then when the final result was sent over, I straight-up cried.

Emily Steers, Author