Nature Patterns

Earthly inspirations

A selection of nature-inspired surface pattern designs, lettering, and illustrations. 


  • Illustration
  • Lettering
  • Pattern design
A seamless repeating pattern with a camping theme: on a turquoise background, the word "nature" in letters that look like wood, along with logs, leaves, campfires, flashlights, compasses, trees, and tents are repeated in light turquoise and peach with dark turquoise shading.
A camping-inspired seamless pattern
At left, "hero" illustration of a coral envelope with pink and yellow dasies and greenery and tiny plants spilling out. 3 butterflies in blue/yellow/pink/green fly above At right: a pattern of stamps using elements from the hero pattern in the same color palette.
Spring florals – hero illustration and coordinating gridded pattern
3 variants of the "Ocean Party" pattern. Top left: blue background with yellow, coral, purple and teal sea creatures, anchors and balloons with an offset black outline. Top right: same pattern as top left but with a white background. Bottom: Same pattern but on a dark purple background and no outline or details
Ocean Party hero pattern and variations.
Seamless pattern: pirate-themed parrot with peg leg, pirate hat, hook hand, cutlass, shark in pirates hat, squid with a boat wheel, whales, seagulls, and treasure maps in the following colors: dark turquoise, teal, pink, golden yellow, cherry red and white.
It's a Pirate's Life seamless pattern