Case Study: Agile Space


MURAL’s Agile Space campaign began in collaboration with our content marketing team, as a way to create a unique and educational web experience. The foundation of the campaign was an extensive ebook/guide, created by our content marketers and Scrum Inc.

The guide was intended to introduce novices to agile processes and to help more Agile-experienced visitors deepen their knowledge of the methodology and use MURAL templates to improve their sprints.

Inspiration images and initial badge sketches


I worked directly with our Senior UX Designer to brainstorm concepts and explore the feasibility of executing a handful of themes and interactive features. We aimed to strike a balance between MURAL’s playful brand and the educational materials that we were presenting. After I created rough wireframes for our top 2 themes, the team decided on an outer space journey for the core aesthetic of our interactive experience.

We then worked to simplify and restructure the copy and map out our user journey. We knew we wanted users to progress through the 5 sections, ideally in numerical order, but also wanted to provide them with links to the rest of the sections as they scrolled (ie, a sticky secondary nav.)

For visual direction, I drew inspiration from board game “mission cards,” which ultimately inspired the design of the primary navigation. Out of my affinity for vintage design, I pulled inspiration from vintage NASA mission patches to represent 14 linked MURAL templates. We then gathered additional inspiration imagery to plan our overall style – color palette, type hierarchy, etc.

Once the visual direction and basic structure were set, I worked with our team’s design lead and animator to build out the gated landing page, the web experience itself, promotional assets, and ensure that the copy and responsiveness of the site were error-free once it was built by our developers.

Digital asset buildout and gated landing page design


Due to a number of factors, we had to deliver this project in a few short weeks. From a design standpoint, that meant that we had to simplify some of our original concepts to ensure we could hand off the design to the developers with enough time for them to build and QA before launch. For example, instead of having a “choose your own adventure” style of navigation based on the user’s knowledge of agile – with different paths for each of 3 proposed audience segments – we simplified the concept and created navigation based on the copy sections, but themed like mission cards and grouped into a single, linear navigation.

The sheer volume of copy meant that we had to be creative with how the website was structured and how the information was organized. It also meant we had to create a wide variety of visual elements to differentiate sections and sub-sections, while still maintaining ease of navigation, creating visual interest and putting the content front and center. We also had to do extensive research into Scrum and Agile methods and rituals, in order to create the space-themed visual representations that linked to related MURAL templates.

Selected portions of the landing page, including the badge-style links to MURAL templates.


Ultimately, we created an aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and educational experience and a digital marketing campaign to support it. Agile Space also proved to be a great learning experience in creating a website that would sustain visitors’ attention and provide an enjoyable user experience, despite being very content-heavy.

As our team was still relatively new to MURAL, it was the first time for many of us to work together, and gave us better insight into the needs and processes of our cross-functional teams. Agile Space was also voted “Best Marketing Campaign of the Year” by internal teams!

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