Misc. Logos

The work

A selection of logos, alternate logos, and submarks from various client and personal projects. 


  • Art direction
  • Brand identity development
  • Creative Strategy
Brand identity development for a (fictitious) family-style restaurant serving Americanized Italian classics and embracing millennial nostalgia. From my No Forks Given project (coming soon!)
Brand identity for a (fictitious) Seattle gastropub serving locally-sourced and seasonal chowders in individual fountains. MMM! From my No Forks Given project (coming soon!)
Unused logo concept for a luxury cannabis dispensary and social consumption space.
artemis tax
Logo and mark for Artemis Tax, drawing inspiration from Grey Gardens and midcentury decor and architecture.
grab your wallet
Mark for "Grab Your Wallet," a political advocacy and financial activism group
Course branding for a positioning and copywriting course led by writer and creative director Hillary Weiss