Food Art

Deliciously fun food illustration

A selection of food-themed surface pattern designs, lettering, and illustrations. 


  • Illustration
  • Lettering
  • Pattern design
ice cream
We All Scream for Ice Cream – pattern and variation created for Spoonflower's "Very Peri" challenge
carb patterns
Carbs on carbs on carbs – patterns inspired by New York City and the hit TV series, Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Left: repeating vector style pattern of black-outlined pasta, ravioli, tomatoes, and basil leaves on a royal blue background Right: vertical design with motifs from pattern on top and bottom surrounding text "nothing is impastable"
Nothing is Impastable – seamless pattern and coordinating towel design
L pattern: green snap peas with purple snap pea flowers alternate in rows with green leaves with black and white detailing on a yellow background R pattern: alternating purple scallions and garlic in rows on a dark purple background
Spring vegetable patterns
L: the letter M made of illustrated macarons in pastel pink, blue, yellow, green on a magenta background with the word 'macarons' in script below R: 2 soup spoons with blue accents criss crossed into the shape of an x, with soup dumplings in each spoon and the words 'xiao long bao' at the top
M is for Macarons, X is for Xiao Long Bao –illustrations and lettering for the #36daysoftype project
h s letters
H is for Hamburger, S is for Sushi –illustrations and lettering for the #36daysoftype project
3 posters on a green background with ketchup and a hamburger. Top: "suns out buns out" lettering with a picnic blanket and hamburger Middle: "all up in my grill" lettering with a grill, tools and meat Bottom: "don't skip leg day" with drumsticks
Lettering and illustrations created for the 100 Day Project
2 posters on a pink background with eggs and a sugar scoop. Top: "sweet tooth" with sprinkles on a maroon background. Middle: Suck it in script with popsicles below it in a row, on a navy background. Bottom: Pie in the sky in blue with a cherry pie below it.
Lettering and illustrations created for the 100 Day Project
L: radish illustration in a stylized mid century style R: tomato and tomato slice illustration in similar mid century style with the word 'tomato' in black layered on red below it
Misc. vegetable illustrations and lettering