Mural: Agile Space

The brief

Mural’s Agile Space campaign was a collaboration with our content marketing team, with the aim to build a campaign based on an extensive educational ebook. In under a month, we created a unique and interactive experience that introduced novices to Agile processes and helped Agile-experienced visitors deepen their knowledge of the methodology and use Mural templates.

I partnered with our Senior UX Designer to brainstorm concepts, wireframes, and explore feature feasibility, while aiming to strike a balance between Mural’s playful brand and the educational content. Along with the rest of the stakeholders, we decided on an “outer space journey” to guide the creative direction of our campaign.

For visual inspiration, I drew from board game “mission cards,” which inspired the design of the hero navigation, and from vintage NASA mission patches that guided the design of illustrated badges that represented Mural templates.

Once the visual direction and basic page structure were set, I worked with our team’s design lead and illustrator to build out the gated landing page, the web experience, promotional assets, and QA.

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Purple gradient background and a browser mockup of a futuristic vector style dashboard showing an image of space and the words "agile space"
A moodboard including inspiration images of space, badge styles, illustration styles and color exploration
Early inspiration gathering and color exploration
Side by side images on purple backgrounds: at left, an open sketchbook showing sketches of space + agile process-themed badges; at right, images describing game theory, agile methods, and vintage mission badges
Badge sketches and research on game mechanics, agile processes, and mission patches
2 images side by side on black: at right, a gated landing page with a form and purple background on a laptop; at right, screenshots from a space-themed website detailing agile methodologies and practices with space imagery
Gated landing page and hero design for the Agile Space experience
2 images side by side on dark purple backgrounds; at left, screenshot of a collection of 'badges' describing various agile methods in space metaphors; at right, instagram mockups of 3 social media graphics.
The finished "badge" portion of the web page – which included over 20 badges – and social media assets to market the campaign