Cloudflare Techlabs

The brief

Cloudflare Techlabs was an experimental project created by our event marketing team in 2021, as Cloudflare began hosting an increasing number of virtual events. Techlabs (originally just ‘Labs’) would serve as the hub for all virtual events, including registration, archives, and other video content. For this, we needed a flexible brand system that could incorporate regional names into the logo and work across multiple applications and platforms, as well as to create a design system of logos, UI components for the event platform, and social asset templates.

This was my first time using On24, the online event platform. I quickly realized its limitations and decided that I’d use color variations and bold graphics to create visual interest and differentiate between event types, without relying on the flexibility from a custom layout.

The final output of this process was a ‘mini’ design system that was put into use by the event marketing team after my departure from Cloudflare. The system included logo variations for more than 15 regions, a color palette, style guide, and an extensive set of digital asset templates for event pages and promotion: presentation decks, event page thumbnails, zoom backgrounds, and social promotion assets across multiple platforms.

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Browser mockup on a blue gradient background, showing the title slide from a webinar that says "Artificial intelligence and your website - what does the future hold" with pink wavy lines
Cloudflare Labs (name later changed to Cloudflare Techlabs) – early logo and color exploration, building from existing brand system
Initial buildout of concept explorations, including mockups of platform homepage and event pages
Final branding and in-use promotional assets as implemented by the events team, including regional variations of logo