Case Study: Agile Space Goals MURAL’s Agile Space campaign began in collaboration with our content marketing team, as a way to create a unique and educational web experience. The foundation of the campaign was an extensive ebook/guide, created by our content marketers and Scrum Inc. The guide was intended to introduce novices to agile processes …

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Case Study: Cloudflare Techlabs Goals Cloudflare Techlabs was an experimental project created by our counterparts in marketing and events. Starting in 2020, Cloudflare was hosting an increasing number of virtual roundtables, discussions, and larger-scale virtual events. Techlabs would be the hub for all of those events, where attendees could register for sessions, watch recordings of …

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Barker Creek

When Barker Creek’s founder, Carolyn Hurst, approached me about creating new product lines for their company, I jumped at the opportunity. Barker Creek creates and sells school and office supplies to big box stores and specialty retailers, as well as selling online, so their products have the benefit – and the unique challenges – of …

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