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The Wordshops



Hillary Weiss is a copywriter, an entrepreneur, and a woman who came to us on a mission – to create the branding and design for her course, The Wordshops. They needed to be as fun and exciting as she is (read: VERY), in addition to the need for design and styling her hundreds of pages of material and worksheets, and then assembling the workbooks for both the "live" version of the course, as well as one that her customers could do as a self-study.

Her style inspiration? "Vaporwave Business Class" (yes, we had to google that one, too). 



Wordshops Moodboard | No Fonts Given Co

The branding started off with a custom wordmark, based on a typeface that Hillary fell in love with. It was too busy to use repeatedly in her workbooks, so we opted to use geometric elements of the font as accents in the workbook and used Futura, a geometric-inspired sans serif for titles. 

A Memphis-style pattern created a playful motif that we used on title pages and for more accents in the workbooks. To coordinate with the sales page created by the team done at The Wonder Jam, a fun gradient got thrown into the mix as well. Most importantly, though, we made sure that the workbooks were easy to read and complete, since that's what her customers were paying for! Each of her workbooks was also an interactive PDF, so customers could type directly onto the file.

By the end, we netted over 250 pages over 5 chapters in the "Do it Together" and "DIY" versions, and Hillary's initial launch was massively successful! 

Wordshops Design | No Fonts Given Co
Wordshops Design and Branding | No Fonts Given Co