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The Sprouting Image Brand and Web Design by No Fonts Given Co | Lindsay Goldner

The Challenge

Samaria Daniel knew she wanted a rebrand and a Squarespace website redesign for her photography business, and the timing was pretty perfect: she was moving to Seattle, her wife was having a baby, and she was ready to change things up in her business.

She knew that she needed to more clearly define the education and photography sides of her business, but that she was still targeting parents of young children and growing families. The emotions we wanted to create were exciting, upbeat, imaginative, and vivacious. 


The Solution

During a fortuitous brainstorming phone call, the idea of a hot air balloon came up as a symbol representing play and lightheartedness. Coincidentally, Samaria has a gorgeous hot air balloon tattoo on her arm that shows when she's shooting photos – we knew that had to be used as part of her new branding. 

Combining an illustrated hot air balloon and hand-lettered wordmark, with a saturated but refined palette of primary colors, the aesthetic quickly came together as the core of the new brand for The Sprouting Image. 

Sprouting Image Branding + Design | No Fonts Given Co
The Sprouting Image | No Fonts Given Co