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Sort Branding + Design | No Fonts Given Co


Sort is founder Stephanie Olson's answer's to the traditional behind-closed-doors world of ad tech software. Her goal was to create an agency that was transparent, disruptive, and mission-driven, providing innovative solutions and expertise to her customers in an industry that's generally known for being anything but transparent.



We created a fashion-inspired wordmark, geometric patterns, and flexible secondary mark that all emphasized the bold nature of Sort's mission and the transparency that it aimed to bring into the ad tech industry. Using a punched-up, highly saturated palette that incorporates a traditional navy and tan with an unexpected red, we emphasized that Sort was the kind of company that was there to shake things up and wouldn't be taking the expected route with its clients.


Sort Branding + Design | No Fonts Given Co
Sort Logo Closeup
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Sort Branding + Design | No Fonts Given Co