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NFGᶜᵒ's founder Lindsay worked in paper and gift shops beginning in college, but her love of them started long before. Every time she'd walk into another shop with fun and funky products, she'd walk out going "gah, I could make that!" One day, she decided that she actually could make that...and Pop Fizz Sparkle was born.



Pop Fizz Sparkle's brand needed to reflect the modern and sassy content of the brand's products, while also appealing to its target demographic: millennials who appreciate the value of great design, American-made cards or gift items, and have nostalgia for things like 90's lyrics. What better combination than gold, glitter, and a clean geometric typeface to tie it all together? The accent green came from our parent brand to build brand cohesion (a color you'll also find here on this site!) and custom illustrations added an additional level of interest to a very modern homepage. 

Carrying the idea of play, sass, and quirk through to the products, Lindsay used old lyrics, puns, and neon colors for the first line of holiday cards

Originally, Pop Fizz Sparkle was created as an ecommerce solution built (hand-crafted and lovingly hand-coded) on Wordpress + Woocommerce. Since then, operations have been streamlined and shifted over to Etsy, and and Lindsay's cards have been featured on Buzzfeed, she's added another line of hand-lettered cards, and is considering additional products for 2018! 

Pop Fizz Sparkle | No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle Website Design | No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle - Holiday Winter 2015 | No Fonts Given Co
Pop Fizz Sparkle - Holiday Winter 2015 | No Fonts Given Co