In 2016, voters put recreational and medical cannabis laws on the ballot in 8 states (in addition to more than 20 states that currently had legalized medical use only at the time.) As someone who'd experienced in her own life the positive anti-anxiety effects of cannabis use for medicinal purposes, NFGᶜᵒ founder Lindsay saw a growing need for design services approached from a practical and strategic standpoint to differentiate businesses in a rapidly expanding marketplace. She also noticed that the industry was one in which women had the potential to reach wage parity (despite women only making up 27% of the industry as of 2017). So, while making the move from Los Angeles to Portland, she decided to launch a dedicated arm of her business devoted solely to branding and design for cannabis businesses.



Green by Lindsay Goldner Creative (now NFGco!) was inspired by the bright kelly green of the core brand palette, infused with a tropical burst to give it a light and uplifting feel.

The logo and website are reminiscent of flora and fauna, as are the geometric stamp on the card – which, in combination with the name, color palette, and clever puns help the client think "cannabis" without smacking them in the face with it. By using clever, cheeky copy, bright colors, and exciting patterns, the Green brand is lively without being chaotic, and caters to a modern, fresh audience.

Green is now a part of the NFGco brand. We remain committed to lifting up women in the industry, and also to helping correct the injustices perpetuated by our government's War on Drugs. If you're a cannabis brand run a member(s) of a marginalized population, let's talk about how we can support you!

Green by LGC | No Fonts Given Co
Green by Lindsay Goldner Creative | No Fonts Given Co