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When Los Angeles-based author Emily Steers first reached out about the cover illustration for Collecting the Constellations, it was her inaugural foray into self publishing. We knew that people absolutely do judge books by their covers, so by extension hers had to be impressive. Luckily, Emily knew what she wanted- "text-based art on a theme," "dark blues, celestial" right off the bat, so we had a solid foundation to begin from.



Drawing inspiration from the book's location, we set out to create a color palette that would communicate adventure, mystery, and richness (as the "constellations" in the title are actually gems.) Custom illustration and layered texture add depth and luxury to the book – extra important since she was self-publishing. 

Collecting the Constellations Moodboard | No Fonts Given Co

For Pursue the Unknown End, her second book, we wanted to keep the covers looking consistent and like part of a series, but not too alike. To do this, we opted to expand on the color palette from the first book and use the same overall illustration style, while creating a new main illustration (in this case, a whaling ship) – something that was a specific plot point in the novel and referred to in the book's synopsis. 

For both covers, our style choices were key in creating feelings of vintage adventure, exploration, and intrigue!

Book cover design by No Fonts Given Co | Lindsay Goldner