Great Sh*t- Teambox

We're over a week into 2014 already and things are flying over here. Work, new prospects, trying to get my booty to the gym (yeah, what resolution?), volunteering (kitties!), ALL OF THE THINGS. One of the things on my epic to-do list for this month was to start a new series over here, called "Good Shit" which, basically, is just that. Apps/sites/stuff I've found to make life-- and particularly life as a small business owner-- better, easier, and just more GOOD. But then Amber reminded me that good isn't enough, and to aim for great. So? "Great Shit" (or Great Sh*t, to make it work-suitable) has been born. To kick things off, I first want to mention a site that has been insanely helpful to me in the last few weeks, called You might have seen it shared on social media lately, as they're picking up some great traction! Basically, is a free service that helps you unsubscribe from all of those annoying emails that clutter the hell out of your inbox AND "rolls up" the rest into an optional digest (aka ONE email.) It's like a housekeeper for your inbox. I unsubscribed from 200+ newsletter from one email account alone (I currently have 5 active ones, yikes!)

Today's featured Good Sh*t, though, is called Teambox. You've probably heard of Basecamp for project management, and might have used it before. But it's not exactly cheap... and for someone who's bootstrapping still, that's no bueno. Enter Teambox.

Great Sh*t- Teambox {via Linz Loves You}
Great Sh*t- Teambox {via Linz Loves You}

Basically, Teambox is like a more awesome and free (for up to 5 users) Basecamp. The free version, so far, has had everything I've needed to start getting some real project workflow going: tasks that you can assign and date, the ability to upload files and add comments to tasks, 5 projects at a time (I do one per client and then break it down), email notifications, a great app, a calendar that shows when things are due... it's really comprehensive. Plus, they make it super easy to get started and they send personalized follow-up emails, which for me is a major bonus when you've got a free account. Yay for customer service!

What kinds of programs are you guys using for project management right now? Are you still in the sticky notes and random notes on napkins phase? And let me know what kinds of things you'd like to see here in the future-- hoping to share great sh*t with you weekly!