Hey Facebook, Shut Up!

As I was working last night with my ever-present 20 Chrome tabs open, I started hearing an occasional notification sound. It was a weird sound, one I'd never heard before. Of course, the first thing to go through my mind was "Shit, what tab is this coming from?!" but then I took a look at my Facebook tab and realized...every time someone posted in a group or I got another notification, there was a SOUND notification to go with it! Since I'm in a lot of groups that I try to stay up with, that thing was dinging like I'd won at the freaking slot machines. So, I hunted down the setting that would let me turn off the sound notifications that had suddenly been turned on- and it turned out to be a super easy fix. Here are the steps: tutorial: turning off facebook sound notifications

1. Go to settings (the gear)

facebook settings

2. Click "Account Settings"

facebook account settings

3. Go to "Notifications" (left sidebar)

facebook account settings notification

4. Deselect "Play a sound when each new notification is received" and save!

facebook turn off notification sounds

Hope this was helpful and you can go back to a (slightly less) distracting Facebook after today!