Oscar Fashion & Business Tips

Oh, the Oscars. A night of glitz, glamour, wins, losses, awkward jokes, and a lot of fashion talk. One of the most entertaining parts of the evening is watching the red carpet arrivals and seeing who's wearing what. Interestingly enough, there were also a few solid business and branding lessons to be learned from this year's red carpet fashion show... oscar fashion and business tips via linzlovesyou

1. Be Yourself

Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest best actress nominee at just 9 years old, personified this mantra at the Oscars. Sure, she was dressed up, but she also carried one of her "puppy purses," which she's known for collecting. When the camera panned to her as her name was called, she double fist-pumped in a way that only an adorable kid could get away with. She was excited to be there and genuinely didn't care who knew it– something that was completely endearing to see. Being sincere and highlighting your unique personality, whether you're a Hollywood starlet or a business trying to distinguish yourself from your competition, is numero uno.

2. Sometimes, More is Just More

You  know those companies that are always screaming "look at me/us! Look at the crazy stunt we're pulling!" Unfortunately, one of ABC's correspondents, Brandi Glanville (of Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills fame) was that company personified. Too much of everything, and I do mean everything, was her schtick on Sunday, and it came off as attention-grabby and uncomfortable. Don't be that brand always up in people's faces. They won't like it, or you, for very long.

3. Taking Risks Can Pay Off

Rebranding is scary. Launching an unconventional ad campaign or starting a Youtube channel that's totally different from what your competitors are doing can be, frankly, terrifying. But sometimes, taking a risk can pay off big time. Naomi Watt's unconventional and daring dress was risky, unconventional, and gorgeous. She looked every bit the Hollywood starlet, and stood out – in a good way. That's exactly what you want to happen when you take a risk with your business. Once you get past that fear of missing the mark – or ending up on the worst dressed list -- you just might have a great success on your hands.

4. Failures Happen, Make the Best of Them

When winner (and one of the best dressed of the night, in my opinion) Jennifer Lawrence was going up to accept her award, she tripped and almost face-planted. Instead of ignoring what had happened, she rolled with it and remained both sincere and confident, despite her fall. And her reaction then, as well as when dealing with some ridiculous press questions after the show, made her what some are calling America's Next Sweetheart. In business, mistakes are made, campaigns flop, things just go plain wrong. But if you can pull yourself up (literally, in JLaw's case) and roll with it, they might be some of the best mistakes you've made. At worst, they serve as embarrassing learning experiences, but at best, they can endear you even further to your customers when handled well.

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