{Linz Loves} MoxyOx

It's been quite some time since I did any sort of Linz Loves post, much less one this cool-- and personalized! Well, when I was planning my trip to Camp Mighty and looking for mini sponsors, I happened across a new printer in Arkansas (via the AimingLow ladies on Twitter) by the name of MoxyOx. Since I'm always looking for great printers, both for my own design work and for my clients, I thought I'd check out their website. Oh hi there, gorgeous printing! Why haven't we met before?  Admittedly, I'm kind of a slut for paper. If you give me a letterpress business card, I'm much more likely to rub it lovingly on my face than I am to just put it in my purse. The great thing about MoxyOx, I learned as I read  stalked their website, is that even their most "basic" business cards (which is what my clients need most often) are printed on a heavier stock than you can get at the "big box" printers. That's a big deal for me, especially since their prices are super reasonable.  So when I reached out to them about being a mini-sponsor for my business cards for CM, I thought they might print some of their classic cards, if I was lucky.

Oh boy, did I get lucky. REALLY lucky. I'd mentioned a card in their Flickr set that I happened to like, and Joe-- the awesome rep who totally hooked me up and got my love affair with MoxyOx started-- told me that it was actually a thinner paper to start off with that they custom coated to make it 20pt paper, and that we could definitely do that for CM. Mind you, 20pt is 5pts thicker than most business cards you normally order through the "big box" XYZprinting places...which is like comparing printer paper to the stuff you mount photos on. Huge difference. So of course, as a designer who loooves paper, I'm like "YES! I will tweet, post, blog, give you my firstborn, just let me see my designs on these cards!"

They finally arrived during the first full day of Mighty (after some MAJOR fedex stalking and frontdesk annoyance) and I opened the box at the front desk, I was that excited.I think they practically ran around telling everyone/tweeting MY NEW CARDS ARE HERE! WHO WANTS A BUSINESS CARD? In fact, I think I might have given a card or two to non-Mighty attendees too. Wuteva.


I've never seen cards done like this- they're so fun and funky and even though they look more eco-friendly (which has never been a particular focus of mine), it still works for my brand- the cards totally stand out, the the printing is gorgeous, the cards have substance to them (they're not all floppy ), and the kraft paper look actually makes the colors of the pattern and the charcoal gray of the logo really pop. It's actually given me inspiration for some more design elements to incorporate going forward (uh oh...) I've gotten lots of compliments on the unique twist they have-- always good to be memorable-- and MoxyOx was so easy to work with, which lessened the stress of getting ready for Camp Mighty by a ton. I'm planning some fun other print projects down the line for LLY Designs, and luckily for me, MoxyOx does more than just business cards too! Definitely a "Linz Loves" company, and absolutely a company to check out if you're looking to get high quality printing done- so thank you MoxyOx... and huge kudos and thank you for going WAY above and beyond my initial hopes/ideas!

Disclaimer: Although MoxyOx sent me free products, all opinions contained here and on any social media channels are 100% mine.