This is Crucial.

It's almost election day. Even if you're apathetic about the ridiculous amount of ballot measures going on in CA (or whatever state you're in), the Presidential election is hugely important, and EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Especially with what's going on in Ohio and Florida, I can't stress that enough. So my message to get the hell out and vote. And double check your ballots before submitting them! Also, some important resources below the graphic, especially pertaining to those effected by Sandy.


If you need information on finding your polling place, go HERE (nonpartisan link). For a more lighthearted way to find your polling place, go here (nsfw but still accurate).

If you see voter intimidation going on at your polling place -- which some groups are already reportedly set out to do (ugh)-- you can report it by calling 1-800-253-39 or by emailing

If you or someone you know has been impacted by Sandy, here is a guide to getting information on how they can still vote. SUPER important- their polling places may have changed, and they can find out information via text, email, or fax (fax?!).

And seriously, just vote. A lot of men and women have died to give you this take advantage of it and make it count, yeah?