Time for Camp Mighty!

My long-time readers might remember how disappointed I was when, almost exactly a year ago, I wound up missing out on the incredible retreat/conference/life-changing opportunity known as Camp Mighty. Well this year, thanks to the amazing generosity of some really facking selfless people out there in the universe, I'm going to be heading on down to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks, rooming with "Team Awesome Geeky Redheads" (oh yeah, you heard that right), and learning how to live better (aka learn awesome practical skills that might be on my life list), get smarter (aka get the inspiration and hopefully the know-how to work on some of my life-list projects), and of course, do gooder (part of our registration process is to raise money for Charity Water, which is an amazing organization providing clean water. It doesn't get gooder than that.) I will be posting my life list, but today, we're talking all about the moolah. Thankfully, my charity portion was covered in my registration as well. Once again, the universe was super looking out for me back when registration opened up. A little bit less luckily, though, was of course, my timing once again this year. I relaunched my business- which, while awesome, means that I'm in that awesome stage of WHERE DO I FIND ALL THE CLIENTS DO ALL THE THINGS panic mode for a few weeks until I figure things out. I lost 20 pounds, which is also fucking RAD AS HELL, but it means that I do need to find an outfit or two that isn't obscenely ill-fitting for me to be scene around people like The Bloggess and Maggie Mason in. Y'know, important things (that cost money). Oh, and then today? Got off the freeway in Valencia and smoke might have started pouring out of my hood. Called home- "uh, dad? My car is smoking. No really, there's smoke coming out of the hood. I don't think that's a good thing."

So, while I don't have to fundraise for the Charity Water portion of Mighty at this point (thank you, Twitter angel!), I do, sadly, still need "mini" sponsors to help me with gas (yay for it being over $4 a gallon still!), my part of the room, and hopefully whatever cheap eating I can do. At least dieting means I wont be drinking, so yay for saving money there! Instead of just sticking up a paypal button and asking for money, I figured you might actually want something in return...(psh). Those of you who are interested, can get 1 of 2 super fabbo discounts if you contact me before the end of this week. I'm going to be writing up mini contracts so this'll all be official-like.

  • Deal numero uno- BUSINESS CARDS: double-sided business cards for $50. This doesn't mean I'll design a total logo and branding for you, but I WILL design cute/pretty/fun/sassy business cards for you.
  • Deal numero dos- HOLIDAY CARDS!: I know a lot of people took super cute family pumpkin patch pictures this weekend. Same deal goes- $50 for designing2-sided POSTCARD-sized cards. If you want them different-sized, that's fine, but you'll need to tell me specific dimensions at the time of booking.
    • Just to be clear, the prices for these reflect design, not printing. That means you get final files and can print wherever or however you want!

If you're interested in either, email me before the end of the week!

And the THIRD way I'm raising moolah is that I'm going to be adding more products to my shop ---> (see sidebar). I'm trying to advertise the storenvy shop more because they don't take out a percentage the way etsy does and it's more customizable, but I'll be adding the same products to both! If you INSIST on shopping on etsy, here's the link for that too.

I think I've got my bases covered for today... like I said in an email last week... if all else fails, I'll get a costume on clearance, dress up as a slutty hot dog, and stand out on the street corner. Hell, maybe I'll land a gig in porn! I hear that makes bank (save me...)

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