Kind of a Big Deal

Very, very late last night, I finally did it. I finally launched my rebranded, re-thought-out, reschemed, re-everythinged new website for LLY Designs. After months of designing, stressing over how I was restructuring the business, rethinking my new demographic and branding, questioning my business (and myself, have I mentioned that part? It needs a post of its own.)... the site is FINALLY launched.

And damn does that feel GOOOOD.

You'll notice, if you go on over and take a look, that I talk a lot about creating rockin' branding and providing badass consulting for creative entrepreneurs. That's the biggest change, other than the design-- which is a huuuge change-- in my business. In changing my target demographic, packages, and pricing structure, I've really refocused from working with small bloggers (I still love y'all) to aiming for small/medium businesses: creative entrepreneurs and businesses with creative aims, who appreciate the value of a solid identity and can afford to spend a little money on it. I realized a while ago that figuring out identities for seriously amazing creative entrepreneurs was my "gotcha, this is what I love to do" moment, and I knew I had to figure out a way to keep that rush coming; hence, the reworking of my own business strategy. Hopefully, I can help other businesses find their own "gotcha" moments, and give them the visual identities to go along with them to keep them on the paths towards accomplishing that.

So enough mushy talk. Click on the image below for the new site. If you know businesses you think would be a great match, feel free to send them along, I'm always up for a chat- and they don't have to be local, but if they are, even better! Feedback is always welcome, and thank you all for putting up with my slight detour to crazytown during this journey. The last few weeks have been, well, crazytown and then some. But it's LIVE and I am SO not rebranding for at least another 6 months. I swear!!