Oh hai there, n00bs!

Seems like a lot of random things are bringing people to the blog lately according to my stats page, so I thought I'd do one big 90's-MTV/TRL-style shoutout to everyone:

  • Whaaaazzzuuuuupppp to everyone coming from Rags to Stitches (remember those incredibly annoying ads?) Anyways, fair warning, Alissa is way sweeter and cuter and has less of a potty mouth than I do. So if you're easily offended, head for the hills. I won't take it too personally. As for the rest of you who can enjoy design/business/lifestyle interspersed with the language of a salty pirate, pull up a seat. You've been warned ;)
  • hayyyyyy gurl to everyone searching for Starbucks drink names. Sounds like I need to revisit that post again for the winter!
  • whoever googled "Angel Geden," um, she's awesome, and I hope you're going to give her lots of money or something. So call her maybe?
  • and at #1 on our countdown, the wtf moment of the day, whoever consistently googles "LinzLoves Ass"? Prepare to be disappointed. There's not much ass-loving round these parts. Unless it's hot man ass... then I could be tempted, ha!

So, n00bs, have I totally terrified you yet? Ah, just kidding. Welcome to everyone, and hopefully everyone who started coming around with the #SMCleanse series is still here. I have a couple more posts up my sleeve now that I'm feeling mostly human again (on Fear of Missing out and Social Media Jewish Guilt, definitely not to be missed)-- would love to hear how the cleanse is going for those of you who've been trying to apply it! I attempted to do a mini cleanse today but my addiction got the better of me.

Talk to me, y'all... how's social media treating you lately? Any questions I might be able to answer? And new readers, don't be shy, say hi!