Branding BTS: LLY Rebranding Part 2

Whatever deeper than knee-deep in a project is, that's where I'm at right now with the LLY Designs rebrand. I had a half hour chat with the amazing Erika of RedheadWriting (f-bomb and awesomeness warning) who gave me one of her trademark bitch slaps, and then chatted with the equally incredible Leila from Don't Speak Whinese until 2am or so. Takeaway from both chats? Stop getting hung up on the small things, like what color portfolios I want to put pretty printed forms in to send to clients. In fact, stop getting hung up on small details like printing things to send to clients, period. It's no good if I don't have a website and strategies to get the clients in the first place.

So with that in mind, I dragged my butt out into the 100° heat to the (blissfully) airconditioned Starbucks and cranked out some design work, wireframes, and a list of forms that need to be ready for my clients. BAM! In the image below, you can check out what I've been working on for an email signature, some wordmarks (logos) and some variations (the versions in circles) which could be used as stickers, watermarks, etc., and then the bottom image which had originally been intended as an email signature but I decided that was crazytalk-- it's going to either be a facebook/g+ cover or a postcard/biz card/desktop background/Hanukkah gift for my mom. Would love to hear what you think about it all... hit me with your best shot. Would you hire me?

lly branding bts