Life Listed: Write a Book

I know I mentioned working on my life list a few months ago, and I thought that in the interest of "putting good thoughts out into the universe" and forcing myself to sit down and think about my life list items, it'd be good to blog 'em out. Here's the first life list item that has been on my mind a lot lately... Ever since I learned to read, I've been a voracious reader and writer. Remember those Pizza Hut "read 100 books in a year" challenges? I used to read double that. Newspaper writing contests? No sweat. English major in college? Of course. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to write my own book, see my name (or my clever nom de plume) on the fabulously-designed cover, and go on tour signing copies of my book til my hands were ready to fall off. Glamorous, right?

That's why, one of the first things that I put on my life list a few months ago, was to write a book. 

It's strange- right now, I know at least 3 published authors, a couple more people with deals in the works, people at publishing houses... and yet, I'm no closer to writing the book than I was when I first learned to write. Or at least, I don't feel any closer to it. The first roadblock I need to get past seems the most obvious, but it's been the hardest thing to overcome (so far)- the topic. I don't have an awesome niche like The Bloggess or A Practical Wedding. I'm not some fashionista like Love Maegan, or a crafty to the bones DIY blogger like the kids at Young House Love. And yes, I realize that this is sounding more like a personal identity crisis than trying to figure out a book topic. I guess for me, writing a book has been one of those things that I knew I was meant to do someday, so I guess in some sense it IS a part of my identity.

I've always dreamed of being like Belle in the library scenes from Beauty and the Beast, with walls lined with bookshelves and sliding ladders. I can smell the pages and feel the spines, and I know that I'll never be content just reading. So, that's where this life list item stands right now. Who knows, maybe I'll pull a JK Rowling and brainstorm it on a napkin in Starbucks-- lord knows, I spend enough time here. Maybe it'll come to me in a dream, or a wine-induced happy haze. Or maybe I'll just think about it enough that it'll eventually evolve. It's all part of the process, right?

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