I Ask, You Answer & Enter to Win!

First off, I hope everyone had a fabulous (and relaxing!) holiday weekend. The closest I got to a religious experience was making this candied matzoh (recipe from Zabar's, via Glitter & Pearls), but oh holy Moses, was that stuff heavenly. Foodgasms aside, I also did a lot of thinking and brainstorming about the blog and my business. Which leads me to the point of this post. I've got about 6 billion different things that I want to do, both with LLY Designs and the upcoming redesign of this blog, and could really use your feedback on them. Mostly because I love you, but also because I'm totally unfocused and indecisive so I need help making up my mind ;)

Pretty please with a cherry on top will you fill out the survey below? As a little bit of a motivating nudge (ok, shove), anyone who does the survey and fills out their email at the end will be entered to win free custom business card designs!! .

It's just 10 questions. Thanks in advance!


Share and share alike, friends. Karma will repay you and I'll love you forever.