By the time you read this...

...the face of the Internet could be changed drastically, by a bunch of dumbass congressmen who are focusing more on censorship (under the guise of stopping online piracy) rather than important issues. Like our economy. Or the record joblessness.  Go figure.

No idea what I'm talking about? Here's a clue. If you use blogspot, youtube, twitter, even facebook... your site could be shut down. Under #SOPA (Stop online piracy act), you could receive five years in prison for uploading a Michael Jackson video. Mind you... that's one more year than the doctor responsible for his death received.

First Amendment? What's that?!

I tweeted earlier that I find it truly ironic that the war our esteemed former President Dubya started ended today... while the precise freedoms of speech our men and women in the armed forces fought for are being stripped away in Congress.

Here's a great video explaining more what SOPA passing would mean: