My Love/Hate Pinterest Relationship

First off... I've got some exciting news to announce-- winners of the first 3 days of giveaways! (it's been like christmas around here, minus the tree and the good food). Without further ado:

  • Carialexa- you won day 1! That's $55 to Georgetown cupcakes!
  • Gina @acutedesigns- you're the winner of day 2's Lands End certificate
  • Angie @yeahhappy- you won day 2's certificate to Matilda Jane Clothing
  • @boredmommy- you're getting the Lowe's certificate. Get excited!!
  • @motherunadorned- you won the citrine pendant from @thecraftafarian and the @zgallerie card.
If you won, pleaseeee send me your email address so I can figure out how to get you your prizes!


Also , I've got a bunch of those 20% cards for getuncommon. Leave me a post on here if you want one (easier that way!)


Annnnd on to Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest. Seriously, it's like someone took stumbleupon and added crack to it. It's that addictive. Want to see how addicted I am? Just look at the numbers. They don't lie, y'all.


Yeah. It's a shitton of pins. I obviously am addicted to the site. So what's the problemo?
  • no backup-- I realllly want to be able to back up my pins, the way you could download your bookmarks from delicious. even if it's just the links, it scares me that they might just disappear someday, since i'm using it as a new "inspiration folder"
  • downtime-- this is really what kills me. It's an amazing product, but website downtime (occasional) combined with app failure every.single.time I use it drives me totally berzerk. I just want to pin, damnit! The web version is a lot more reliable... but I just wish they'd either waited to release the app until it was actually functional or would update it SOON so that it works on a regular basis!

All that said, I.LOVE.PINTEREST.

I use it as a visual inspiration board for design, diy, and decor (everything you know I'm obsessed with). I'm tired and stressed nd want to gush about the greatness of pinterest, but for now, you should just check it out and let me know if you need an invite. Just a little teaser before you get sucked in. Which you will, I promise.


Well that was kinda venty. Sorry, deadlines are a'looming. To sum it up: comment if you won something. Comment if you want a 20% coupon to Get Uncommon. Comment if you want a pinterest invite.

Oh and comment if you love me ;)

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