Cue the Insanity (or, My Life is Awesome.)

I owe you guys a big fatty apology, and a big sloppy smooch for sticking around (or at least not unsubscribing). Why did I go MIA ::this:: time, you ask? Lots and lots of big things going on. Lots of restructuring. I think that's going to be my theme for September. Restructuring.  So what, praytell, restructuring mean? A short rundown:

  • getting back to blogging (finally)
  • getting design and code books to grown my skillz and my biznass. :)
  • new jobs! As of today, I'm no longer at Paper Source (sadpanda and totally surprising) but I'm doing some really cool things elsewhere, including designing and writing for (and working with):
Emily Henderson
  • Last night, I went with Lana to Hamburger Mary's, an epic gay bar in WeHo, for bingo. I have never seen bingo quite that amazing.
  • Tomorrow, I'm going with Lana to see The Leading Men of Broadway at the Ford Amphitheater... omgwtfbbq i am SO FREAKING EXCITED... even moreso because Lana won the tickets and we got to talk to the producer and a couple of the guys who said to hang out and socialize after the show. Epic fangirlness over here.
  • Next week, I'm turning 23. That's part of the reason I've been inconspicuously absent around here: birthdays are usually not the best experiences for me (to say the least) so I just tend to get moody and anxiousy in the weeks leading up to them. The 10-year anniversary of 9/11 and some epic stupidity of people formerly part of my life didn't help with that. BUT that's all donezo, so I'm looking forward , more anyways, to my birthday.
  • Speaking of birthdays, I'm going to be doing a few really really AWESOME giveaways here on the blog. One of which may or may not include some design services from yours truly :) So keep your eyes peeled, there's some kickass prizes to be won! And if you own a store, comment or email me-- I'd love to get you lined up to participate!
  • Also speaking of birthdays, if you're in the LA area, I'm doing a little thang either next Wed (the 21st) or Friday (the 22nd). Let me know if you're free! <3
I love yous guys, and thanks for sticking it out with me. Tomorrow, I've got some supah schmexy design coming your way, and possssibly some holiday guide sneak peeks!
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