The Final Countdown!

I leave for Blogher '11 in a matter of hours. Thank fucking god. Things have been so busy my brain feels like it's ready to seep out of my ears at any second (great visual, right?) and I'm very ready for a vacation. For those of you going to Blogher (whom I'll hopefully be meeting in a matter of hours as well!), here are a few things you should know about me :)

  • I'm short. I know this. Even in heels, I'm short. Just be prepared. Especially if you're tall like Maegan (that's going to be hilarious.)
  • I'll try my best to look like my twitter avatar. If I don't, and you don't recognize me... it's your fault for not reading my blog or looking at my facebook photos, duh. ;)
  • Please don't talk about potty training with me... if I happen to be around, whatever, but I don't need a report on how johnny went peepee in the potty that day. If you do start talking potty training, I'll go head to head with ya and tell you allll about the litterbox. I think I have a good chance at winning the round there.
  • Related, I really love my mom blogger friends...I love your kids, but I also love you for you (as an individual, not just __'s mommy), hokay?
  • On a different note, I'm awkward. I'm goofy, klutzy, and generally have a shitty sense of comedic timing. So if I make a bad joke, forgive me. It's just because I'm feeling tooootally awkward in my own skin. I like to think that just makes me more endearing though. Feel free to vouch for me on that one...
  • I like hugs. If it's at the end of the day, i'll probably apologize for being stinky, but whatever. I still want hugs from ya.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF!! I'm awful with names. Better with twitter handles, but still not great. So if you come up to say hi, just introduce yourself (hi, i'm linzlovesyou, aka lindsay!) so that i don't have to stand there (awkwardly) staring at your boobs... erm... nametag.
  • Swag is fun but it's not the be all and end all of life. If you smack me in the face with your swag bag (happened last year), I will not be a happy camper. Your swag is less important than my face. (Wow, I really don't mean that to sound as bitchy as it did...)
  • I'm seriously pumped to meet and remeet people from the past year. If I come off as stalkerish, know that I only do it cuz i love and admire the shit out of you. Ask Sandy and Morgan, they can vouch for that.
  • Speaking of stalkerish, if I tweet where I am and that I'm alone, come join me, will ya? Or even if I'm with someone, come say hi. I haaate feeling alone... so a friendly non-stalker would be awesome.
  • If you have a baby, I'm gonna love on you and then steal  your baby for a while. Again, Morgan can vouch for that.
  • Speaking of Morgan, find her and ask about her swag bags. They're for charity and have a kickass magnet in them that I designed, BOOM!
  • oh! and tell me about yourself! I want to know things! Awesome things! Random things! I'll tell you random things too-- like the fact that I kindasorta just made cutoff jorts tonight. #winning.
  • And last, I'm really facking excited to see you all!
If you're not going to blogher, well...
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