Pinterest Challenge

Last week, Style by Emily Henderson, Making a House a Home, Young House Love, and Bower Power Blog posed a challenge to us Pinterest-obsessed bloggers. Pick something you've pinned (a project, namely), and DO IT.


What's that you say? Project completion? Unheard of around here! Well, I did it. Mostly. I finished the chevron barstools -- who now look totally fab-- and alllmost finished my second project (you'll see below, I just barely ran out of supplies).

On to the projects!

linzlovesyou-pinterestSo, what do you think? Swoony or cringe-worthy? I've gotta say, I'm in love with the barstools, and those shoes are gonna be kickass once I get some more pushpins! Here are the price breakdowns:

Barstools garage sale barstools- $20 (thanks mom and dad!) acrylic paint- $2 foam brushes and tape- $5 Rustoleum lacquer spray- $5 total- $12 (since i didn't actually pay for the stools!)

Wedges Michael Kors Wedges- $8 from Goodwill (!!) ~250 thumbtacks- $6 total (so far)- $14