The Water Could Be Chilly

The water could be chilly... it could be freaking Titanic-style, with giant icecubes cold enough to turn your lips blue (I'll never let go, Jack!) Thing is? I'm done with just dipping my toe into the water. I am jumping in-- no, CANNONBALLing into the water.

That water being, of course, my business.The business that I've been approaching like it's the deep end of the pool, but forgetting that, oh hey, I actually know how to swim!

Morgan sent me this quote after I spilled my guts to her about this yesterday, and it sums it up pretty nicely:

“Trying to get everything perfect before actually doing something is the fastest way to get a whole lot of nothing accomplished. The most powerful coaching I ever got from a mentor was being told to approach my aspirations with an attitude of “Ready, FIRE, aim!” And that approach has yielded miracles in my life. Stop worrying, planning, or wondering….get a little sloppy, go for it, and get moving. Take steps toward living your life fully now and make your dreams come true. Do it right now!”

- Amy Ippoliti, Anusara Yoga Teacher

Like the author of the quote would say, I'm spending too much time aiming. All of this uncertainty in my head is just holding me back from actually taking the action I need to truly get my business off the ground. Instead, I need to be like the dude in the movie Yes Man where I just say yes to everything (well, within reason).

Do I do tshirt designs? Yes.

Can I design pens for you? Absolutely.

You want an infographic? Sure, why not?

So, I'm jumping in. Stand back, because I'm bound to make a bit of a splash!