One month & ten days

... that's how long I've been back in LA and yet it feels like an eternity already (in a good way!) I've still got a couple boxes that I've yet to unpack, but I've got furniture--or some semblance thereof-- a semi-stocked fridge, some decor, and a place that's feeling more like home than my Boston apartment ever did. So what's happened the last 5 weeks, you ask? {And if you don't want to know, well... too bad.}

  • Lots of Ikea trips --> massive new desk, a couch, super nifty file storage system, and total Ikea burnout.
  • I started my graphic design business, Linz Loves You Designs <-- that's my new storefront... I'll be adding new items soon! Part of this was inspired by one of my clients, Erika Napoletano (of redheadwriting) and her post, Bitch Slap: You Whiny Little Freelancer. Say it with me, kids, "I'm a business owner, not a freelancer."
  • I have real life design clients! I'm a little behind on updating my portfolio, but most of my stuff is here.
  • I've learned (the hard way) that the internet is full of people who will steal your shiz, but you've just gotta rise above it. Also, karma works out in the end (see more job news below).
  • Coming from meeting Paul, the amazing designer behind Hype Type, I've come to wholeheartedly believe that, not only is my time worth decent money, but that you really do get what you pay for, even in creative industries like design. Maybe even especially in creative industries. He told me an amazing metaphor--that I'm totally going to screw up-- but it was something along the lines of, "If someone comes to you wanting a Ferrari, and only wanting to pay for a Honda, they're going to get a Honda with maybe touches of a Ferrari, but it'll still be a Honda. If they want the real Ferrari, they've gotta be willing to pay for it." (Something along those lines.)
  • My cousin had her baby, the first of the next generation of our family. I'm not allowed to post pictures, but needless to say, he's adorable. Also, his crib bedding is owls and chevrons... I'm considering stealing it and making pillow covers out of it for myself. Kidding! Kinda.
  • Got to go to Dwell on Design -- TWICE! Totally overdue on that post, but here's another picture from it:
morgan and linz dwell

  • I started interning for Anne at Rue Magazine... and it's amazing so far!
  • Speaking of Rue... I went to two photoshoots with Anne for the magazine. One of the shoots was at the Chateau Marmont ... a hotel I probably couldn't even afford to valet park at on a normal day, much less spend hours in a private bungalow and at the pool!
  • I got the job that I applied for at Papersource... and on the same day, got a very exciting email (hopefully more details to come on that later)
  • I pitched to two companies for product sponsorship at Blogher: one of whom was Blowfish Shoes, and I'll be posting about their amazing products and a giveaway soon!!
  • Had a kickass 4th of July with Megan and co. and dressed up all pretty:
4th of july picture

  • Discovered new favorite singers/bands, including Adele, Florence & the Machine (I know, behind the times there), Lenka, Anna Nalick (again), and Joy Williams. Check em out!
  • Learned that owning your own business is stressful, crazy, sometimes seriously disappointing, but potentially also very amazing.
  • Did a shittastic ton of designing... keep an eye out for peeks!
  • Fit into my size 4 american eagle shorts again (yay!)
  • Chevron-ed my barstools.
  • Met (and connected with) some amazing new people, including Megan (my Twitter to real life BFF), her awesome bf chaaalie, all their great friends, and most recently the ladies from The Wear to Go Girls, whom I'm super stoked to start working with on their new site!
  • Wrote a pretty epic Blogher '11 advice post :)
All in all, big things happening round these parts. Has anyone else felt like life is moving so fast they're barely tagging along? It's crazy!