{Easy DIY}- Cable Labels

If you're a technofile like me, chances are you've got a lot of cables lying around. Right now, that includes my computer power cord, iphone usb cable, tablet usb, printer usb, external harddrive usb, mini-dvi adapter and power cord (usb) for the adapter that connects my tv to my computer. All told (discounting the awesome Apple cords because they're white and easy to distinguish), that means that I have 4 almost identical black usb cables floating around my desk at any point in time. Today, I spent about 5 minutes (including hunting down the white paint pen) and finally got my cords labeled... without using tape or labels that Finn would eat!


Sorry about the poor pic quality, but the binder clips now say tv, print, hd (harddrive) and tablet. And Mr. Owlie is keeping watch over all of them, of course.