Draft 1 Side 1

... of the never-ending business card design.

ETA: I guess this should be called draft 1+ because here comes update numero uno!

ETA Part 2: Seriously, I should never be trusted to make design decisions for myself. Now I know why Gareth Hardy always says I can design his site for him (he's an insanely good designer).

Version 6.78989 -- Added a new font (Buttermilk by Jessica Hische, font/design genius and totally my idol) and took out some extraneous shiz (that may or may not appear on the backside. Kept the borders though.

version 6

Version 4... now with borders! (I think I like the borders a lot.)

draft 4 side 1

Oh look, draft 3 (and it's still before midnight! Win!)

draft 3 side 1

Draft 2, Side 1:

draft 2 side 1

 (below is the true draft 1, side 1)

draft 1 side 1

What do you think? The other side will be different color highlights (either red or yellow, not sure yet) and have some different information. And a different tagline. Do you like it? Would you hire me? Also, I'm gonna stick a micro QR code on there somewhere. Just because I can.

And maybe I'll take out the blog and put my portfolio there. We'll see.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Love letters?