Why Didn't I Think of That? {Kickstarter}

In case you haven't heard of Kickstarter before, it's a super duper awesomesauce site that allows people to crowdsource funding for their project. You get a certain time period to raise your desired amount of money... but you only get the money if you raise your desired minimum in time. Incentives for donors vary by price levels and Kickstarter participants, but it's great-- band albums, notebooks, startups, you name it. I want to start highlighting amazing things I see on Kickstarter, starting with the Switchhook (via @designmom). This? Is amazing. And it better get funded, because I want TEN OF THEM.

They've already gotten started at Switchhooks Headquarters, but they're running a Kickstarter campaign so they can produce in finishes like bamboo, and include options instead of hooks like magnets, or even a mini shelf.


I ALWAYS ALWAYS misplace my keys. How great is this? Come in, turn on the lights, and hang up your motherfucking keys.

Like I said, amazing.