Oh Craigslist, You Creepy Bastard

Counting my first move up to Cal in '06, I have moved 9 times. NINE times, boys and girls. In less than 5 years. I know, it's obscene how many times I've moved. And the crazy roomie stories abound... they'll be showing up in my book if I ever actually get it written. Where was I going with this again? Oh yeah, Craigslist.

See, the thing with moving, is that (for me), it's always involved Craigslist in some shape or form. Either buying furniture, finding an apartment, finding a roommate, leasing my apartment, or selling furniture.

And without fail, there's always some potential Craigslist Killer in the bunch.

I can't help it-- it's the best place to look for stuff, and when you live alone (or are a loner) you can't always bring someone along to check out places, get furniture, or have someone there when random person A comes to pick up your fancy schmancy dish set. But man, there have been some bizarre people I've had the pleasure misfortune of meeting. There was the troll-like girl whose boyfriend was far more interested in my rack than in the apartment. There was the super duper stinky dude who looked like he killed kittens in his mother's basement. Then, tonight, there was the hipster in the trenchcoat with the long, gross, scraggly beard.

He came to buy my wooden kitchen table and chairs. Solid wood. And didn't bring a friend.

This happens all the freaking time. People come to pick up something heavy and/or unwieldy and expect me, totally weakass 5' tall me, to assist in the carrying. Like beds. Or WOODEN KITCHEN TABLES. Don't worry, I didn't need those back muscles for the next week or two.

And then, he had the balls (ew, i really don't want to think about that after seeing his beard) to write me a damn check. Cash only, yo. CASH. ONLY.

Lesson of the story? Specify cash only, and bring a friend, because tables are heavy and craigslisters can be all sorts of creepy.


*As a sidenote, I've gotten some kickass stuff from Craigslist and Freecycle. But god... there have been lots and lots of awkward exchanges. And potentially unsafe. I hate inviting total strangers into my apartment... but mama's gotta make a buck and selling my furniture is better than selling anything else! ;)