Q1 Update + #the100dayproject

It’s day 1 of the #100dayproject (#100daysoftastytreats). You might even call it…the starter?

For the #100dayproject, I’ll be illustrating 100 of my favorite comfort/junk foods, food-related puns, and stories or memories that I have about those foods. If you’re not already following along on Instagram, now is the time to do so for sneak peeks and behind the scenes looks at creating the art…including me attempting to cook some of the foods from scratch, like the ridiculous overachiever I attempt to be once in a while.

Food stuff aside, I also wanted to update y’all on my work adventures and preview some upcoming posts since I’m embarking on this fun new project that will be flooding the feeds for the foreseeable future.

Nutshell? Still battling some health demons over here (hence the radio silence for a bit), but I’m also ACTIVELY working to get my feet back under me and applying for lots of jobs AND putting my work out there like nobody’s business as an artist, art director, and brand designer.

NFGco is booking freelance clients for this spring/summer, which you can contact us about here. You might also see some changes happening around this site, including on the homepage and the portfolio pages, in the next week or so. In the meantime, though, I’ve updated my personal resume and have been submitting art to magazines and agents (!), and of course, the tried-and-not-so-true method of blindly applying for jobs via LinkedIn with the hopes that my info might land in front of the right person. Curious about I’m looking for? Here’s the rundown:

  • Mid to senior-level jobs in visual design/art direction OR some kind of mid-level content producer role that would involve both design and also hands-on DIY work (think: buzzfeed/ hellogiggles/ oh happy day!) I need to be creative and not managing people all day.
  • Diverse agencies or in-house roles at mid-size businesses – if your about page looks like it’s filled with stock photos of dudes named Chad, it’s probably not going to be the best fit!
  • Companies who, at the end of the day, care about great design, happy clients and doing good for the world. I know, my millennial idealism is showing. WHATEVER.

So if you or someone you know is hiring for these roles, drop me a line. I’d be forever obliged.

And some details about dream projects that I’d like to have a hand in working on, either as part of NFGco or once that lucky employer scoops me up (the cool kids call this manifesting):

  • Illustration for a food book (either history of or a cookbook!)
  • Custom wallpaper, fabric, party goods…basically any and all forms of pattern licensing.
  • Printing my lettering on clothes. This is definitely going to happen one way or another this year (despite people flaking out :shakes fist:) so keep an eye out for that!
  • 200% more work in the cannabis space! I see you out there, dispensaries producers with packaging that looks like you did it in Microsoft Word, or are sticking to that tired and tried trope of a green cross. You can and need to do better to survive the green rush, so let’s make it happen!
  • And LOTS more re-branding projects for local businesses, especially ones who are ~5+ years in and needing a ground-up overhaul.Now for some visual goodies…here are some peeks at what’s been cooking at NFGco the last couple of months:

PHEW. If you read this far, you are a rockstar and a hero…your support means the world! I’d love to know what you’re working on these days – got any Q1 wins in your business, or fun #100dayproject endeavors that you want to share? Drop a link in the comment so we can support you too!

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