Brand Your Biz: Spruce Up Your Favicon

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying your turkey- (or tofurkey-)induced coma and taking some time off to enjoy time with family and friends.

While you’re gearing up for holiday sales and New Year’s resolutions, it’s a great time to take stock of how your business and brand is looking across social media channels and all of your client touchpoints. Here’s a little protip, from your fave graphic designer. To add an extra layer of branded goodness (think: the cherry on your business sundae), swap out the favicon of your website with a custom icon so you don’t have the same generic icon as every other Squarespace/Wordpress user out there.

It’s easy peasy! Here’s a tutorial for Squarespace

WordPress user? Here you go.

Need a hand making this happen? I gotchu, boo. Drop me a line at and we’ll get you a custom icon made and installed in no time. ?

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