Moodboard Monday: Rhapsody in Blue

At the risk of sounding like a huge geek – ok who am I kidding, I am am huge geek – I got way too excited last this week when I opened up my mailbox to find a brand new Ikea catalog sitting in there. Unlike the phonebook-sized Restoration Hardware catalogs that no one actually reads, Ikea’s catalogs are constantly full of styling inspiration, great design layouts, and products that I might actually be able to afford. This year’s catalog was no exception, and I was immediately struck by the efforts their team went to styling rooms to appeal to different audiences. Far from the “cheap, diy college kid” look, a lot of their styling came across as super luxe and high end, despite being at super affordable prices (hell yes!), and of course that got my designer brain going.

So today’s Moodboard Monday was inspired by the Ikea catalog: all of the product photos are straight from Ikea’s 2018 catalog press release! Way to step it up again, Ikea. (And no, this is not a sponsored post, but if y’all want to pay me for this, you can drop me an email here. )

Rhapsody in Blue Moodboard | No Fonts Given Co

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