Moodboard Monday: Plume Dispensary + Salon

As part of my new adventure into designing for the cannabis industry, I decided to create my own “cannabusiness” concept and design a brand around it. Here’s the business overview outlining the concept, and the moodboard I made– the first step in creating a fabulous brand.

What:  Plume, a dispensary and salon/smoke club for lady connoisseurs of cannabis   Who it’s for: Successful and ambitious women who want premium products and an elegant experience in which to relax and socialize   How: Using rose gold metallics and luxurious finishes (like emerald velvet), I want to tap into the traditional “Salon” experience to encourage sincere conversation and relaxation while at the same time being an uplifting and elegant experience and, importantly, distinguishing itself from other dispensaries in a rapidly-growing industry with a bold and unique visual identity.

Plume Moodboard No Fonts Given Co

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