Moodboard Monday / / Cannabis Lotion Rebrand

A while ago, I decided that I wanted to branch out from unconventional small businesses (or maybe just shift focus a little) and start approaching small businesses specifically working in the cannabis space. I love that it’s still largely un-designed, which means so much room for growth and experimentation on a creative and strategic side (yep, watch me geek out.) And as an industry, it’s starting to see a huge emergence of female leaders which is, simply, kickass.

For today’s moodboard, I found a relatively well-known company who provides all-natural healing products using essential oils, GMO-free ingredients, and of course, cannabis. Their current branding, though, reads more more athletic and masculine and generic Eucerin lotion than an all-natural, holistic, and healing. This moodboard creates a visual aesthetic that evokes those feelings of healing and nature — with a bit of a twist to help them stand out in the green-heavy cannabis space — and to provide an example for what might inspire a potential rebrand.

Cannabis Lotion Moodboard | No Fonts Given Co

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