Fuck Yeah Friday // No. 7

It’s been a while since the last installment of FYF, but no time like the present to bring it back. So without further ado, I bring you, FYF #7!

  1. Did you hear that there are new emoji updates coming? Finally, an avocado emoji! Sadly, though, the peach no longer looks like a butt. These are important things to know.
  2. I’m taking this class on Skillshare right now to work on my ipad art skills and work on my junk food icon set…you should join me! Next up is ipad lettering, so fun!
  3. These desktop downloads from Oh So Beautiful Paper are adorable and available for multiple device sizes. Time to switch out your backgrounds!
  4. People are freaking out about the Starbucks green cup (pre-red cup season) and need to chill ouuuut. Love the message behind this design, and the design itself is pretty fab too.
  5. Speaking of freaking out, it’s still election season! Eternal stress for everyone who cares about the next 50+ years of humanity! I’m currently working on a piece for govote.org, and you should check out what other designers have done in the meantime. And you should definitely vote (not for Cheetoh Mussolini).

fyf 7

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