Moodboard: LGC Brand Refresh

Confession time: I have been a horribly inconsistent with blogging the last few months. Basically, getting settled into a new city is both totally awesome but also involves a ton of work – especially when you have your own business (gotta reregister and all that goodness!) I really can’t complain, though, Portland is treating me pretty dang well so far.

All that said, I’m (attempting to) get to blogging and sending out newsletters more regularly, starting with today’s moodboard! I’ve been working at giving my own site a bit of a facelift – if you know anything about designers, you know we’re never 100% happy with our own sites! – and I found myself feeling a bit in need of direction and some a reminder of where I was taking the project. So I went back to the beginning, where I would start with any branding client: I created an updated moodboard for my own brand!

The themes of this moodboard are: kelly green (of course) with a pop of bright blue to be playful, minimal + modern, and most importantly give you that “oh shit yes!” feeling.