FYF 2016 | Lindsay Goldner

Hey hey hey, happy 2016! It’s been some time since my last post, so to give you a quick rundown of the last couple months: I launched Pop Fizz Sparkle, launched the first line of pop fizz holiday cards (!), got super crazy sick, went to Portland, went to San Francisco, temped for an ad agency, designed a couple brands, and even took a couple days off for the holidays, for the first time since college! 

Crazy times, right? So that basically rounds out the rest of 2015. I’ll spare you the “year in review” junk AND the 2016 goals for right now and get right to the good stuff today…

1. Tax time isn’t thaaat far away. Freelancer’s Union has a great list of deductions for freelancers. Get that money back, y’all!

2. These color palettes remind me of sunsets over the beach, peaches, and happiness. But really, they’re lovely.

3. Pizza Hut has an entire line of pizza-themed swag. Not gonna lie, I kind of love those yoga pants.

4. This rainbow sculpture is made of 60 MILES of thread. MILES, y’all. Can you imagine that kind of dedication to your craft?

5. Thinking about a website facelift? Don’t forget about who’s going to be seeing it!

Happy Friday, everyone!