Great Shit: Trello

One of my all-time favorite things is list making. I make lots of lists for things. Granted, I might not ever look at them again, but I make lists for pretty much everything. Since that’s the case, it’s super important for me to have a solid way of list-making for my business! In comes Trello.

Here are some highlights:

-unlimited project “boards”
-unlimited “cards” and “checklists” per boards, which are vertically organized– super visual! AND you can move them around!
-integrates card deadlines seamlessly with Sunrise
-free version is amazing
-you can link or upload images and files
-categories cards with colors/tags
-assign card “tasks” to users
-lifehacker says you can organize your life in Trello!

There are only a couple of downsides that I’ve come across, too! (In full disclosure)

-no calendar view of all of your deadlines in Trello without Trello Gold (premium)
-great way of looking at higher level views, less good for day to day tasks (I usually make additional daily to-do lists by hand and then check things off in trello at the end of the day)

All in all, Trello is a just really solid — and free — way of plotting out all those things for allll those projects you’ve got going. For a visual and also perpetually over-thinking person like me, Trello provides the perfect solution to seeing an overview of all the moving parts, like digital stickie notes!


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