Wooo, back in the game! I know, it’s been a while – what with a fun solo trip to Oregon (my first real solo trip ever!), a birthday, and a shop launch – not to mention some big client projects in the works, life has been go go go! Also, to be completely honest? I’ve been a little stumped lately on how to write meaningful posts that help you in some way, but that also haven’t been done 10 ways til Sunday by all of the amazing other bloggers out there. It’s an ongoing challenge, though it seems like I’m not the only one out there facing the same one. So while I work on writing my own awesome + meaningful posts, here’s another fuck yeah Friday roundup to tide you over with some inspiration for your weekend!

Fuck Yeah Friday 05 | Lindsay Goldner @ No Fonts Given Co

1. (shameless self promo) – my web shop is OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Go! Shop! Enjoy!

2. 10 end of the year blog posts from XO Sarah (totally snagging these now!)

3.  Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast. Go. Listen. Now. Seriously, Big Magic has been life-changing thus far.

4. I am ALL ABOUT this magazine cover from the Washington Post. Who wants to recreate it? Seriously. So fun.

5. This is fab- the literal meanings of idioms, illustrated.

6. Early Xmas gift alert! Sign the lady in your life up for The Firework Box– a new monthly sub box from some amazing peeps.

What’s new in your world(s) lately, everyone? Any new launches for you? I’m still recovering from mine and prepping new stuff for the holidays, woohoo!