Fuck Yeah Friday

We’ve made it to another Friday, which means it’s time yet again for fuck yeah, Friday! This week, tons of tips and tricks from SEO to blogging to knocking your email list out of the park…

1. This post from Femtrepreneur on email list building has so much great wisdom, I want to print it out and frame it and kiss it. Or something less creepy, like bookmark it.

2. Little Farm Media is dropping some great tips for how to boost your SEO in time for the holidays.

3. If you’re like me, inbox zero is some mythical state of being. 99u agrees and has a better idea for handling email overload!

4. Confidence is key in business (and life!) and as always, Ash Ambirge lays down the law on how to seem confident, even if you’re not!

5. ByRegina knocks it out of the park again with 20 tips to up your pro blogging game!

What’s on your reading list this weekend?

What’s on your reading list this weekend?