Fuck Yeah, Friday!

Even though I’m not in an office anymore, I still love Fridays. There’s just something about that elusive “relaxing weekend” that I always get so pumped for! As a way of giving the week a big ole “fuck yeah! (we survived!)”, I’m going to start sharing posts from the vast wilderness of the internet for your weekend reading pleasure.
So without further ado, it’s…Fuck yeah friday

1. This post from Venus Trapped in Mars is brilliant- a super smart (and strategic) way to use hashtags to increase your instagram engagement!

2. Definitely needed this post from Ceira Design on how to work from home but still stay sane.

3. Little Farm Media has 5 mistakes people make on social (trust me, they’re not what you’d think!)

4. Web design is definitely not dead. Sorry, bro.

5. Currently crushing on these Squarespace sites via DesignMilk! Working on my first client SS site and really enjoying it so far.